Ring found under Colorado ski lift

Ring found under Colorado ski lift

DENVER (KDVR) - A ski resort in Colorado has a mystery on its hands after finding a ring under a ski lift, and it has turned to social media to try to find the owner.

"There is an inscription on the ring, part of which we've posted, it appears to be from 'Sue'," said Liz Biebl with Vail Ski Resort.

Around the village and in cyberspace, more than one million people are looking for Sue's guy.

"I would say it's a pretty low likelihood that they're going to be reunited with the ring," said Jon Bowman with Vail Ski Resort.

According to a local jeweler, the ring may have been worn by an athlete.

"It's got a few wear marks on it, some are quite pronounced, and it's precious," said Patrice Cogswell, a jeweler at Squash Blossom.

To claim the ring, the resort is asking people to respond to its Facebook post with the date included on the inscription.

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