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Thanksgiving Fishing Report

Bob Sandlin

Water stained; 62-65 degrees; 1.47' low. Black bass are good on black/blue jigs pitched tight to wood cover in 12-18 feet. Spinnerbaits, shallow running crankbaits and plastic worms are working well on the outside edge of heavy hydrilla beds. White bass are good on lead tail-spinners and slabs around humps and points in 12-20 feet. Catfish are good on prepared baits in 10-15 feet along submerged creek channels. Trotlines baited with small live perch and set along creek ledges are producing flatheads up to 40 pounds.


Water stained; 0.59' high; 60-63 degrees. Black bass are good on flukes and dark colored jigs around isolated groups of cypress trees in 7-8 feet. Crappie are good on live minnows in 8-10 feet along the cypress river channel. White bass good with most fish coming from the cypress channel above highway 43.. Yellow bass are excellent on small bits of cutbait in 8-12 feet along the river channel. Catches of 50 fish per hour is common.


Water stained; 1.37' low. Black bass are fair on perch colored spinnerbaits and small crankbaits. Striped bass are slow. Crappie are fair on minnows. Catfish are good on shrimp and stinkbait. Fork water clear; 61-64 degrees; 1.41' low. Black bass are good on split shot finesse june bug worms in 4-7 feet along the main lake grass lines. The deeper bite, in water 8-16 feet, is good on watermelon seed baby creature baits off main lake points holding large schools of shad. Crappie are good on minnows and small jigs in lime green and white in 18-24 feet under bridges and around submerged brush. Catfish are good on minnows and prepared baits in 15-20 feet along creek channels.

Houston County

Water stained with clear shallows; 63 degrees; 0.55' high. Black bass to 7 pounds are good on tequila sunrise and sour grape soft plastic worms near drop offs and coves along the north bank at mid lake in 4 feet. Crappie are slow. Bream are good but small on live worms off piers. Catfish are slow. Lake o' the pines water stained; 59-63 degrees; 0.18' high. Black bass are slow to fair on texas rigged worms and shallow running shad pattern crankbaits, later switching to carolina- and texas rigged worms in 10-15 feet. Crappie are slow to fair in water 5-15 feet on minnows and jigs fished around bridge columns and corp. Brushpiles. White bass are good on slabs and trolling main lake humps early and late with hellbender-pet spoon rigs. Channel catfish are slow to fair on holes baited with soured grain along creek channels in 12-24 feet.


Water fairly clear; 76 degrees; 0.10' high. Black bass to 3.5 pounds are good on crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Striped bass are slow. White bass are fair on pet spoons, hellbenders, and rat-l-traps. Crappie are good on minnows. Channel and blue catfish are good on cutbait and prepared bait. Yellow catfish are slow. Martin creek water clear; 60-62 degrees;0.50' low. Black bass fair to good on plastic worms and spinnerbaits around shallow vegetation. Carolina rigs producing larger bass up to 7 pounds around points with submerged vegetation and schools of baitfish. Crappie are fair to good on minnows in 8-15 feet over submerged brush piles and timber and around the durgin bridge. Catfish are good on cut bait and worms in 8-15 feet along creek channels.

Sam Rayburn

Water stained north, lightly stained south; 75 degrees; 3.47' low. Black bass are fair on deep running crankbaits and carolina rigged soft plastics along ledges and creek channels in 12 - 15 feet, and on topwaters and horny toads around shallow vegetation. Crappie are fair on live shiners and green/pearl jigs near brush tops in 20 - 30 feet. Catfish are fair on live bait and nightcrawlers around brush tops in 18 - 25 feet.

Toledo Bend

Water stained north, lightly stained south; 74 degrees; 3.52' low. Black bass are fair on spinnerbaits and shallow running crankbaits around shallow vegetation, and on horny toads, wacky worms, and senkos on the south end near hydrilla in 6 - 10 feet. Crappie are fair on shiners over planted brush tops. Catfish are good on trotlines baited with live bait and prepared bait.


Water stained; 60-62 degrees; normal. Black bass are good on medium running shad pattern crankbaits and plastic worms fished around stick ups and brush in 5-12 feet. Carolina rigged french fries around points in 12-25 feet are producing bass during mid-day. Crappie are good on 1/16oz. Tube jigs and minnows over man made brush piles and around standing timber in 15-20 feet (focus on brush located near the mouth of creeks). Catfish are good on nightcrawlers and prepared baits in 12-20 feet. Bream are fair on worms fished off docks in 4-8 feet.

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