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Beware of counterfeit $50's in Tyler

The real fifty, on top, has watermarks. The real fifty, on top, has watermarks.
Tyler Police are looking for this woman. Tyler Police are looking for this woman.

Tyler police have discovered three counterfeit fifty dollar bills, used by the same woman on July 24 at the Dairy Queen and Family Dollar on Gentry. Police believe the woman knew what she was doing.

Police are looking for a woman shown in a surveillance picture that was taken at the Family Dollar. She passed bills at that store, and tried to pass one at the Dairy Queen. Tyler Police Public Information Officer Don Martin explained that when employees figured out it was fake, they tried to detain her.

“They did all the right things. They notified the person who was using it that you’re going to have to wait a minute and she took off. That was an indication she knew what she was doing,” Martin said.

Don says if the person is not aware the bill is counterfeit they tend to wait for police and want their money back because they just lost fifty dollars.

“The person that knows that they are counterfeiting, let’s say that they have a whole lot more counterfeit on them, they’re going to get out of there because they don’t want to be caught,” Don said.

Martin says the best way to see if a bill is fake is to hold it up to the light. If you don’t see the watermark and the security strip, it’s not real.

“So after that she went to the Family Dollar store over on East Gentry and successfully passed a bill there,” Martin revealed.

The suspect bought cheap items so she could get real money as change. The bills were tested with a pen, but the ink showed up as testing real. The bills do feel thicker than real money, but if you were busy it might get by you.

“On the merchant side we really caution them that relying totally on the marking pen that they use; sometimes with the correct paper or whatever you’re going to get the same type of coloration that makes them think it is a good bill,” Martin stated.

Police also say there are more tens and twenties being counterfeited these days because they aren’t always checked. So whether you’re a customer or a retailer, look for the watermarks.

Martin says it has become much easier to counterfeit money with high-tech scanners and printers. He also says if you know the woman in the surveillance picture, please contact the Tyler Police Department at 903-531-1091.

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