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West Texas towns to be featured in Neiman Marcus catalog

Pictured: Karla Morrison, location scout Pictured: Karla Morrison, location scout
LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The local scenery on the South Plains is being featured in August’s edition of Neiman Marcus’s catalog, The Book. Their feature in the catalog was the Coco Chanel line, and the photo shoot took place in the Lubbock area.

Location scout Karla Morrison said Coco Chanel has a world exclusive fashion show, and the location for that fashion show is typically indicative of the trends that are happening within fashion. This year, that show took place in Dallas. The theme was the romantic Wild West.

“When Neiman was getting ready to do that feature for their magazine,” Morrison said, “they wanted to continue that theme with the photo shoot, and this area was perfect for them.”

“My sister-in-law owns a production company based out of Dallas,” she said. “When the Neiman Marcus art director came to her and was looking for specific locations for the Coco Chanel shoot, which was the feature in their fall magazine, she got those photos and she thought that it kind of looked like this area. She sent them to me, and I took the photos, hopped in my car and went for a drive. I took photos of areas around here that I thought were similar and I talked to landowners. I kind of put a few things together for them. I sent it back to them and they liked it.”

Morrison said that it took about two months after she sent back the photos for them to select the area and send their crew. They arrived in April and only stayed for a few days, working morning to night.

They shot in five locations. Two of the locations were south of Ralls, and the other three were north of Idalou.

“The crew had about 15 people,” she said, “and they were from all around the world. It was funny to bring them out here, because they were like, ‘Where are the people? Where are the buildings? What do people do out here?’ It was fun to explain to them the history and heritage of the area, and it was interesting to see how they took the high fashion of Coco Chanel and integrated it into a cotton field, a pump jack, oil battery tanks, hay and all of those things.”

Morrison said that this recognition only helps Lubbock.

“This area is beautiful,” she said. “You don’t often hear Lubbock and beautiful in the same sentence, but I don’t think people are taking the time to come out and see the big skies, the beautiful sunsets and all the wonderful things. I think it’s just an extension of the big push for a stronger community in Lubbock and the arts district. It’s a lot of fun to get Lubbock out there and recognized for what we have.”

For more information about Karla Morrison's locations visit www.westtexaslocations.com

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