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Soldiers Send Holiday Greetings Home

The holiday season is upon us. The day before Thanksgiving, many East Texas families are without their loved ones, who are away fighting in the war in Iraq. More U.S. soldiers are stationed overseas now than there have been since the Vietnam War. The good news is that we've received holiday greetings from some of our troops on videotape. We sat down with one family and showed their son's special message to them from Iraq.

It's been three weeks since they've heard from him, almost a year since they've seen him... Anxious moments for Marsha and Jerry Hunter, the mother and step-father of Army Sgt. Larry Nethery, 31.

"Hi, I'm Sgt. Larry Nethery from Charlie Company, 121 Signal Battalion in Tikrit, Iraq. I want to say hi to all my family and friends back home in Palestine, Texas. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas. I love you and I'll see you soon."

"All right, Larry, Merry Christmas to you, brother," Jerry said to the television screen.

"I miss him, but I know he's got to be there," Marsha said. "So, you know, as long as he's doing his job and safe, I'm proud of him."

And Marsha has a message to send back to her son, who she hopes will see this story online: "I love you, baby. Come home safe. And take care. And all you guys and women over there are doing a good job. And come home safe. That's all I want."

It may not be until March that Larry gets a chance to come home to Palestine, because also missing him are his wife and son in Germany, where he was stationed before entering Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Still, the Hunters say there's much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

"Just thank God that he's alive right now," Marsha said. "I thank God everyday. Every day's a closer day to coming home."

Julie Tam, reporting.

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