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Giant Gingerbread House

With just one day 'til Thanksgiving, the magic of Christmas families will soon be reliving. The children will be all a glee, for something even Hansle and Gretel would be delighted to see.

There are lollipops and gum drops, hundreds of them. You need all of them to cover the ten foot real gingerbread house.

"This is the real thing. Made totally with gingerbread, icing, candy, sugar plums, candy drops, peppermint sticks and everything," says creator Juanita Wakefield Chitwood.

It took seven days and 15 volunteers to build this giant candy holder. "Some wanted to mix it and bake it and some wanted to put it together and some wanted to decorate," says Juanita.

12 year old James Cole helped decorate. "We got the candy and we dipped into some icing and we stick it up on there," says James. There are perks to James' job, "the icing. It was good."

"We were all taking little nibbles here and there," says Juanita.

The recipe had to be as grand as the house. It included 280 pounds of brown sugar, 160 pounds of margarine, 16 gallons of molasses and 500 eggs.

In just a few days Santa Claus will make himself at home in this gingerbread house, to listen to the Christmas wishes of children.

The giant gingerbread house is located at the Big Cypress Coffee House in Jefferson. It's on the corner of Austin and Vale streets. There is no charge to see the house, but all donations will go to the Morris county Child Protective Services.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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