Power of Prayer: Caleb's Journey

Power of Prayer: Caleb's Journey

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A few short months ago, Mayra Willis and her husband were parents to a teenage boy, but they always wanted more.

"We had two miscarriages prior to our 14 year old, i had an ectopic that ruptured so i was only left with one fallopian tube," Willis said.

Mayra also had a few other issues, and at 43-years-old, she never thought she would be pregnant again. On Friday, February 14, her water broke at the grocery store. Still, she had no idea that's what it was.

Willis said, "The weekend went smooth, Monday I went to work, Monday night I started feeling cramps through the night."

By Tuesday, the pain was unbearable and a quick pregnancy test came back positive.

"The moment I couldn't believe it, it felt like it wasn't happening to me and I just thought as a nurse you know all the issues and the risks it can come with. At the time, I just prayed and said God give me the strength whatever it is. If he makes it, I knew that there was going to be a long process," said Willis.

Caleb Alexander was born on February 19, five days after Mayra's water broke. He had to be resuscitated twice, but through it all, he made it.

"He's here, he has a purpose. He's made it through all this. I didn't know I was pregnant, there was no prenatal care. I always sleep on my stomach. I never stopped doing the things that I do," Willis said. "All those things that were against him and he was still fighting. I think that just made my faith stronger."

The Willis family says the community has really reached out to support them through this entire process. Mayra knows when she holds her son, it's all worth it.

"Whether he goes or stays and has issues, he's here. He's a blessing regardless, just him making a presence in our lives. To me, to him, he's a miracle. He hasn't just touched our lives, he's touched a lot of lives around us," Willis said. "He's a precious gift, and that's how we see it."

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