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More Intrusive Travel Security

On this, the busiest travel day of the year, you may experience first hand the new airport security body searches. Now, many women travelers in the U. S. say the new searches are too intrusive, even humiliating.

The searches are done in the name of security, but New York attorney, Rhonda Gaynier, says she felt violated on a recent trip through the Tampa Airport. She says a female screener patted her down touching her with an open hand between her breasts. She says all of this took place in full public view.

Rhonda says, "I've had the wand thing done before. Everywhere [it] beeped, they would touch me in that spot." She has now hired an attorney and is considering filing a class action lawsuit.

Federal Security Director, Tom Wilkins says their trying to make the process "as painless as possible for the traveling public."

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