Better East Texas: Russia, Putin acting like bullies

Better East Texas: Russia, Putin acting like bullies

(KLTV) - The shooting down of Malaysian Air Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine has become an exclamation point on a world crisis that centers wholly around the power of Russia versus the power of the United States.

Americans don't like war, no one likes wars and we are a generation removed from the Cold War. But as much as we hate military action; military action, or the real threat of it, is sometimes the only language bullies understand and Russian President Vladimir Putin is a bully.

For years, Russia has been rebuilding into a regional super power while many European Union nations have been weakened because of lousy economies. Now very little stands in the way of Russia doing as it wills in the Ukraine and even beyond.

The conquest of Ukraine ultimately strengthens Russia by giving it an additional sea port. But make no mistake, we must be prepared to answer with more than sanctions and, the world needs to have the fortitude to stand up with us. And, honestly, if the world responds in unison, Russia will most likely have to back down.

Isolationism is potentially devastating to Moscow. But, if the world is not led by the United States, we will most likely have the best seats in the house for Russia's forced and illegal expansion.

It starts with President Obama and his administration's ability to rally other nations to the common cause, for without it, we stand alone and we may fail. A stronger America creates a more stable world and preserves our way of life making for a better East Texas.

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