Better East Texas: Gov. Perry deploys National Guard to border

Better East Texas: Gov. Perry deploys National Guard to border

(KLTV) - Texas Governor Rick Perry has placed a big, temporary band-aid on the border of Texas in response to the need to secure the 1,200 mile stretch of land along the Rio Grande.

The governor has called for 1,000 National Guard troops to mass along the border. The goal is to help curb illegal activity coming across and to allow border agents to deal with children and partial families crossing illegally into Texas.

It is a bold move but a move with more symbolism than anything. Additionally, thankfully, President Obama has sent a general message that the loophole in current border law is being closed and refugees risk being sent back home if they cross illegally.

It is a big band-aid but it is some action nonetheless and Texas residents will foot the $12 million a month bill for the National Guard, but it is a bill we need to pay.

As Governor Perry put it, the price of inaction is too high. So, this move is welcome on many fronts. It will also send a message to Mexico that they need to help stem the tide of refugees making it all the way from Central America. Mexico can and should do more to secure its southern border.

Finally, the US needs to muscle up and influence the source countries of the refugees – they are in a drug war that is forcing these refugee conditions. There are a lot of dominoes in a row, so hopefully this move starts them all falling.

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