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Film crew hopes zombies don't spread, filmmaking does

Samuel Haun prepares for a shoot. Samuel Haun prepares for a shoot.
TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Tyler has been infected with what some are hoping will be contagious: a production company making a film. On Wednesday, KLTV went behind the scenes to get a peek at Daylight’s End.

Daylight's End, a company based in Dallas, had a few more scenes to shoot in its latest film. One of the crew, who is from Tyler, suggested his hometown. Most of the film was shot in Dallas, but there were a few more scenes needed, so after talking with County Judge Joel Baker and PIO Adrienne Hampton, the set was, well, set.

Filming day begins the same as it does for many: with makeup, although dark circles are encouraged in this case.

Samuel Haun is the one who brought this contagion to Tyler. He’s the second unit director and camera operator for Daylight’s End.

“It’s the perfect place to be for the film, I mean why not? We need this film here, but we need more film here, so the idea is we film it here it builds a buzz and it gets people excited about it,” Haun said.

“It’s to entice and show other film makers the possibility of what this town can bring, so that they can bring their projects here and then we’re pooling that money into the economy and we’re getting people excited. There’s no reason that Tyler can’t be a film hub like Dallas and Austin or Shreveport down the road,” Haun stated.

Even though the rage-crazed infected zombie creature extras seem to only crave human flesh, that’s not really true. They all have to eat something, and the cast and crew have to stay somewhere; that’s money in the bank for many Tylerites. For others it became an opportunity.

“Several hundred people put out for the casting call just to be an extra zombie in this film,” Haun revealed.

Haun was in the right place at the right time and met director Richard Linklater. They hit it off and Samuel was able to springboard that into opportunities. He says when you’re ready, you know it.

So it’s more than just yourself knowing it. When the world around you and your team around you says, okay this kid can take it on, you’re ready to make that film,” Haun said.

Samuel is ready, and he feels Tyler is ready, too. That’s why he’s spreading the contagion that is film.

Although the film is wrapping the Tyler location this week, Samuel Haun will return to shoot his own movie: “American Karma”. He also will not hesitate to suggest East Texas to other production companies.

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