Gift of Love: Daniel

Gift of Love: Daniel

It was an afternoon of fun at the bowling lanes for Daniel and I.  Daniel is very outgoing and loves to enjoy life.

"He's definitely outdoorsy.  So anything like the lake or the park.  He definitely likes to be out and about," Amanda Fitzgerald said.    

When indoors he enjoys playing with action figures, especially batman, putting puzzles together, and watching Jake and the Neverland pirates.    

Daniel has some challenges in life that affect him physically but this 12 year old doesn't let that get him down.

"He has a congenital hip dysplasia. The actual name of it is seckel syndrome. And so he is short statured. He has some development delays," Fitzgerald said.

Daniel will need a family that will be an advocate for him and encourage him.

"He has occupational therapy once a week and that is mainly working on his handwriting and fine motor skills, and he does speech therapy twice a week," Fitzgerald said.

Daniel loves food.  His favorite is meat and potatoes, Happy Meals, macaroni and cheese, mexican food, pizza, and hot dogs but above all his most favorite food is mashed potatoes.  As for school, daniel is excited about heading to junior high in the fall.

"He loves school. He repeated the 5th grade mainly for some development issues but now he is ready to go to 6th grade," Fitzgerald said.

Daniel is full of love and life and hopes to find a forever family that will show him the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Daniel or other East Texas children available for adoption call our Gift of Love hotline, Toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.