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Organizations partner to demonstrate child safety

Hot car demonstration in Longview Tuesday. Hot car demonstration in Longview Tuesday.
(KLTV) - Summer comes with water activities, extreme heat, and the potential for accidental deaths, especially among children.

A couple of organizations in East Texas partnered together Tuesday to teach safety tips. It’s things we all know, but one small lapse in judgment could bring a price we don’t want to pay.

Karmen Mosley, and her 2-year-old daughter Alonna, enjoy splashing in the sprinkler. Like most moms, Karmen says she’s a had few close calls that keep her eyes more vigilant, especially around water. “It could happen to any parent, anybody,” Mosley said.

We all get comfortable, especially when it’s our own pool, boat, car or home.

“You think that door is locked. But you never know they may be able to reach the lock and open the door. They may see someone outside to come and let them out of the door,” Mosely said.

Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death among children ages 1-4. Tuesday, the Longview fire, police, and Child Protective Services partnered together to give multiple demonstrations.

Statistics say most accidents happen around your home. “We have had children drown in bathtubs, mop buckets, in toilets and in the septic tank,” Sharri Pulliam said. Pulliam represents the Texas Family and Protective Services.

There have been four drownings in Gregg County this year and 47 in the state of Texas.

“If you can’t see your child you can’t save your child from drowning.,” Pulliam warns.

The numbers tell it all. The Longview Police Department’s hot car demonstration says it’s 40 degrees hotter inside the car than out. Police say there have been 17 hot car deaths in the United States this year, with three of them being in Texas.

“Children’s bodies heat up faster than adult bodies do and they retain that heat. It basically bakes them from the inside out,” James Bray said. Bray is Longview’s Police Area Representative. “By the time 911 is called, we are usually dealing with a situation where that child may not be able to survive the injuries of that heat,” Longview Fire Marshall Johnny Zackary said.

As for Karmen, she says her prayer is that parents take initiative.“The will to be more cautious. The will to be more educated,” Mosley said.

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