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Rep. Louie Gohmert says immigrant children must be told "no"

On Friday, July 18, a new immigrant processing facility opened in McAllen, TX. That facility opened one day after border patrol agents announced that fewer undocumented children were crossing the border into Texas, in the past week. But the argument still rages as to what to do with those children once they cross the border. East Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert says the answer lies in telling the children to go back home.

The new immigrant processing facility in McAllen is 55,000 square feet of wire mesh cages, and foam rubber pads where children can sleep. Border patrol agents there say these children are innocent, and fleeing from desperate situation.

"The aim of the border patrol is to do the best that we can and provided every service and opportunity and make sure the children are safe until they get out of our custody," said agent Kevin Oaks.

Congressman Louie Gohmert says it's the "out of our custody" part of that statement that has to change.

"The safest things for these kids is to have their families get the message, that if you come, you will be sent back," Gohmert said.

Gohmert told KLTV 7 that he's been to the border multiple times, and has seen children crying after being taken into custody because they don't actually want to be in America, they want to go back home.

"They're being lured here by the promise that they're going to get to stay," Gohmert said. "That promise has to go away."

Right now, Congress is arguing over the nearly four billion dollars that President Obama has requested, that would go toward caring for the children crossing the border. 

But opponents say all that money, even if approved, is not being targeted where it needs to be."This is a crisis," said Arizona Senator Jeff Flake. "It's a humanitarian crisis, and we've got to do something." Flake's concern with the president's request is that it "seems to be geared at maintenance of a problem, rather than fixing a problem."

"I have asked, instead of just spending this $3.7 billion to address this issue, why don't we solve the core issue," said Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu. "The core issue is this is an unsecured border."

But Gohmert told KLTV 7 that money is not where President Obama's main focus should be right now, when it comes to the border. He says that until the president actually goes to the border, the message of fighting illegal immigration will not get across.

"For him to be down at the border saying, 'We're not letting people come in illegally, don't try, you'll go back home,'" Gohmert said. "That would be incredible, that would be so powerful, and that really needs to happen." 

Congressman Gohmert told KLTV that during his next trip to the border, he's taking a group of other members of Congress who have never visited the area, so they can see for themselves what's happening there.

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