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Police: Utility service scam hits Longview area

From the Longview Police Department:

LONGVIEW, TX - Police have been receiving calls about a new scam in Longview. Scammers have made contact with businesses and citizens locally. Don’t fall victim to this.

This scam involves a telephone call in which the caller claims to represent SWEPCO or its parent company, AEP. The customer is told that a certain amount of money must be paid immediately or electric service will be shut off. The scammer usually suggests that the customer purchase a prepaid money card and then provides instructions for using that card to pay the amount supposedly due on the account.

The Longview Police Department along with SWEPCO advises all customers to be aware of the scam. Information on legitimate options for paying bills is available at www.SWEPCO.com or by calling the company’s Customer Solutions Center at 800-216-3523.

Longview police would like to remind citizens to be aware of scam artists. Anytime you get a call or email it is important to verify information before sending any amount of money.


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