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Zombies to attack Tyler!

From "Daylight's End" From "Daylight's End"

It seems more and more people are jumping on the zombie bandwagon these days. They’re watching zombie movies and TV shows or reading zombie stories. Some of you have been a zombie on Halloween.

Well, all you zombie fans, this is your chance to actually be a one in a movie, but you better sign up fast. The movie is shooting in the area the third week of July.

“The situation is growing more dire by the minute. The World Health Organization is warning of a global pandemic,” said random news anchors on the movie trailer.

Well, that sounds like daylight’s end, and it is “Daylight’s End;" the movie, that is. Yes, they are shooting a few extra scenes right here in Tyler.

Jamey Whitely, the production coordinator for Tyler, said, “One of the crew members is Samuel Hine who lives in Tyler, and he’s one of the best friends of Will Kaufman, so Sam was able to get him in touch with the right people in Tyler and he was just very, very impressed with the support and hospitality they showed him.” 

The movie stars Lance Henriksen who has been in a plethora of horror and sci-fi flicks over the years. He may not have to be here for the three days of shooting, but if any of the stars are around, they’re here to work, not have autograph sessions.

“When the actors are here they’re here to work. Just kind of like you wouldn’t want somebody to come in your office while you’re trying to work and say, 'hey, hey how you doing?'  They have no clue who you are. They’re in character, they’re trying to commit to their role,” Whitely explained.

The film is directed by William Kaufman who did “The Hit List” and “Sinners and Saints,” and he likes the hospitality Tyler and Smith County have shown.

It’s going to be hot during some of the shoot, so applicants need to be in good physical condition. And keep in mind these aren’t the stumbling zombies, these are more athletic type; jock zombies, I guess.

“I wouldn’t really qualify as a zombie, but that’s the reason we have actors and we have casting calls,” Whitely pointed out.

So submit to the company and get your creature on. If you’re interested in getting "zombified," find the information here.

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