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Better East Texas: As summer heats up, so do cars

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Perhaps you have seen the numerous news stories of children being left in cars during the summer heat. 

Multiple deaths have been attributed to this type of neglect. Parents, grandparents, anyone with a young child – you cannot leave them in a vehicle for any amount of time during the summer. 

This goes for pets as well. It is not uncommon to see children or our pets left in cars and it is a dangerous habit. 

Terry Bartley, a gentleman in North Carolina created the Heat Test Challenge to demonstrate the effects of being left in a car in 90-degree temperatures. It gets much hotter around east Texas and thus we have added danger when we leave youngsters and pets in our vehicle. Bartley felt the effects of the heat immediately and stated it was difficult to breathe and was sweating profusely as the effects of the heat took hold. 

So, as summer heats up , we need to take extra precaution and think twice about leaving a parked car occupied and we need to be aware of anyone we notice in a parked car in the heat of the day and make certain they are okay. 

Deaths from actions like this are completely preventable. There are several products that can be purchased to remind us that we have passengers but we really should not need reminding if our children or pets are in the back seat. 

So whether it is an accident or neglect or just selfishness, do not leave children or pets in parked cars. It will be a safer and cooler east Texas.

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