Better East Texas: Viewers weigh in on border crisis

Better East Texas: Viewers weigh in on border crisis

(KLTV) - I did a recent Better East Texas segment on the border crisis we are facing because of refugees from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.

I expressed that I was thankful for some action by the federal government but that President Obama and Texas Governor Rick Perry were both using the crisis for political gain. The president wants some specific provisions in an immigration reform bill and Governor Perry is positioning for another presidential run.

In any case, I received quite a bit of feedback on the topic.

Lonelle T. wrote – "I was appalled at your Better East Texas segment last night! I am not a fan of Rick Perry. However, I applaud him for taking our ILLEGAL alien problem to the air waves. We can't take care of our veterans, but we're breaking our necks to care for the CRIMINALS that are crossing the border at Barack Obama's invitation. …We need to build a fence that's not so easily crossed, place armed troops at the border and stop this horrible INVASION."

Jo F. also wrote – "It is so much more important for us to see Obama playing pool and drinking beer than actually doing something useful like taking a real live look at the terrible conditions and the multiples of people that are ILLEGALLY trying to get into our country. Get it right next time."

I truly appreciate the feedback, even when it is critical and I am glad that the dialogue on this crisis is continuing, it is certainly not resolved yet.

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