Meeting of a lifetime for local family

Tonight at 10, we have a new report about the man hit and killed as he tried to cross the loop in Tyler.  Alex Osiadacz spent the day talking with Kenneth Jones, Jr.'s family members.  They want to share with you their memories of a young man they loved very much.

You're probably heard by now that East Texas is expecting cooler temperatures and rain this week.  Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto can and will tell you how much of a temperature drop and how much rain you expect from the weather where you live.  All you have to do is watch his new forecast at 10.

When a local couple walked into a restaurant in Denver they could have never expected to have an encounter with the president that would put them in the national spotlight.  Lexie Cook has the story of a chance meeting that went a long way towards helping the Arrick family heal from the loss of their war hero, Sergeant Kenneth B. May, Junior.