The Texas History List: Let's get rid of those boll weevils

The Texas History List: Let's get rid of those boll weevils

(KLTV) - The state of Texas has such a rich, interesting, sometimes unbelievable history, and we enjoy refreshing your memory and ours with some Texas history highlights each week.

Highlights this week:

On July 13, 1903, a proclamation was made from the steps of the Texas Capitol offering a $50,000 prize for the discovery of a way to rid Texas of the boll weevil.

July 14, 1879 - The state of Texas authorized selling state land for fifty cents an acre to reduce public debt and to pay into the Permanent School Fund. The Fifty Cent Act was repealed on January 22, 1883 due to fraudulent speculation in the land.

Also on July 14, Texan Howard Hughes Jr., ended his record-setting round-the-world flight in New York in 1938 in his specially-equipped Lockheed 14. Read more about Hughes and his strange, interesting life here.

July 15, 1839 - The Battle of Neches began. It was one of the major battles of the Cherokee War and was fought along the Neches River near present-day Tyler, Texas. About 500 Texas troops routed 700-800 Cherokees led by Chief Bowl. The battle virtually ended Indian issues in the settled parts of Texas.

Also on July 15, in 1865, August Siemering founded the German-language Freie Presse für Texas in San Antonio. Shortly after founding that paper, he also founded the English-language San Antonio Express.

And on July 17, 1945, "the savior of the Alamo," Clara Driscoll, passed away. Driscoll had bought the remains of the Alamo, largely using her own money, working on the purchase during the years 1903-1905. Read more about the Alamo here.

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