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Tropical Diet

Three people, three different reasons for packing on the pounds.

"You just don't really find the time to do the things you really need to do to take care of yourself," says Vigi.

"After I started my medication, I put on, like, 20 pounds," says Henry.

"I like to eat too many fast foods," says Marilyn.

They're all banking on the same new plan to improve their health and whittle their waistlines. It's called the tropical diet. Creator Lisa Dorfman of the American Dietetic Association, says it's basically low calorie fare with a twist.

"You're really looking at very colorful vegetables and fruits, fruits like papaya and guava," Dorfman says, "Not only do tropical foods add flavor and flare to your menu, they're also loaded with anti-oxidants, which help maximize the absorption of vitamins and minerals."

But the real difference with this diet-- you can customize it. There are three plans, ranging from a thousand to 24-hundred calories a day. The lean plan is low-carb and high protein with a basic 40/30/30 percent distribution of carbs, fat and protein.

"Depending on your calories and the plan that you're following gives you how many servings from each food group you get to eat each day," says Lisa.

Clinical dietian Marci Wright says customizing is a big perk, so you don't get bored. She also says the fruit satisfies a sweet tooth.

"Tropical fruit have a very sweet taste and using it in place of fruit and cake, yet is a good source of fiber, Vitamin C and a lot less calories and fat free," says Marci.

But could our three dieters stick it out for a month?

"I can't wait, you'll see how good I look," says Vigi.

Each followed a different version of the plan.

Vigi- the lean.

Henry- the athlete.

Marilyn-the basic.

We checked in with them throughout the month.

"I feel like I have a lot of energy, and I feel satisfied because what I'm eating is tasty and fun," says Vigi.

"It's really been, for me, a lifestyle change," says Henry.

"I've been actually eating more food than I was before, just healthier foods," says Marilyn.

But what about the results?

Henry lost only two pounds, but dropped five and a half inches and 3 percent body fat. Vigi dropped four pounds, ten inches and more than two percent body fat. Marilyn slimmed down by more than five pounds, close to 13 inches and decreased body fat by nearly six percent. All say that's incentive to keep on going!

"My jeans are loose on me, which makes me very happy."

"I'm able to wear things I haven't worn in years."

"I'm very happy with the results."

So how can you follow the diet? Marci Wright has some tips.

Tropical fruit cups, already cut up pineapples, manderian oranges, grape fruit, mango, kiwi, bananas and papaya.

But Marci says steer clear of coconuts because they are high in saturated fat.

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