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Special activities for members of special forces

Storm Tracker Meteorologist Daniel Graves is the man who can help you with planning your next few days, at least, as far as dealing with the weather is concerned.  Tonight at 10, he'll have a new forecast for you that will let you know exactly what you can expect from the weather where you live.

Dia Wall joins us tonight at 10 with a new Power of Prayer.  She has the story of a local reverend who is combining a love of jazz, R&B and gospel to express her love of God.


Sometimes, what makes members of elite forces special is also what makes it so hard for them to come home to the life they used to know.  Their experiences can isolate them and make it hard for them to connect to what many of us take for granted.  That's why one group is working so hard to make it easier for them.  Bob Hallmark has a new report about how hunting and fishing in East Texas play into this plan to help them feel welcome.

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