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New app lets you try makeup before you buy

Apply make-up with a swipe. Apply make-up with a swipe.
TYLER, TX (KLTV) - There are so many different types of makeup out there that it would take months and a small fortune to try them. Even just trying out a few until you find something you’re happy with is pricey.

Well, we have found an app that lets you try before you buy - it's called Makeup Genius.

When you open the app it automatically wants to scan your face so it knows where to put the makeup. Then, the app has a couple of pages of makeup choices to try out, and the make-up tracks your face as you move, even when you talk or blink.

Dona Cauley was once a make-up artist for the Dillard’s in Denton, so she knows make-up.

“Let’s do an evening smoky eye," Cauley said. "Oh that’s awful,”

Well, she’s honest, and won’t make the mistake of buying that look.

“That’s the evening nude,” Cauley observed.

Dona quickly discovered she could change makeup with a swipe of her thumb.

“Extraordinary look: orange, I like the blush, and the eyeliners: cat eyes. So that’s cute and fun,” Cauley said.

She’s a natural with the app.

“Okay, that’s a good nude one. Green is the undertone with black and brown,”

She’s noticing things I never did when I tried the make-up on, but she’s the professional.

“The thing about this app though if you don’t have your face angled the right way it looks like you’re not in the picture anymore,” Cauley laughed.

“It’s like the makeup moves off your face a little bit,” I observed.

“Yeah but I like it,” Cauley said.

The app even shows you what colors are being used.

“And then at the top there’s a shopping bag so if there’s things you want you can treat it like a wish list,” Cauley noticed.

And you can pull up “How to” videos for that professional look.

“Women are spontaneous so we’ll see something and think we can do it. We’ll spend the money and then have buyer’s remorse, so this will be great. A lot of husbands will be happy,” Cauley concluded.

The app is free and available at the Apple App Store. It also has a scan feature that uses the makeup’s bar code to add more L’Oreal Paris makeup.

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