Power of Prayer: Valencia's Voice

Power of Prayer: Valencia's Voice

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - East Texas is home to some of the best music there is. One local reverend is releasing an EP that combines jazz, R&B and gospel with one message.

The music makes you want to bob your head, tap your feet and even clap your hands. This is just one of the songs featured on Valencia Edner's new EP that has sounds from several genres. "Gospel and jazz and there's a little R&B because I really believe that sometimes Christians don't understand that we still have to live in the world," said Valencia Edner. "I've been singing with a brush in my hand since I was five years old and some 47 years later, it's time."

Four songs are included in the project. It was produced by recording artist and Diboll native Ronnie Coleman, Jr. "He's a genius," Valencia said. "He's really quite gifted and he wanted to produce it and he has a producing partner, his name is Michael Lofton. Together they make quite a production team and I'm proud of the work we've done together."

Valencia said there's a reason they decided to start small. "I know we have a long way to go which is why we're doing the EP, so that I can generate some support so that I can finish the project. It's just time for me to share this gift in a way that feels good to me." Spreading her message that Christians can be well-rounded, fall in love and have a great time as well. Also recognizing that her journey has not been in vain.

"God had some plans for my life and I'm real grateful for those. Even the ups, downs, I'm real grateful for His hand on my life," said Valencia. "The power of prayer means that I had to have some courage, some courage to do this. There are going to be those that don't agree with me. But I'm fine with it. God and I are clear." Just like the sound she's sharing with the world for the very first time.

Valencia Edner's new EP is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and all other major music subscription sites.

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