Better East Texas: Roadside signs causing ETX controversy

Better East Texas: Roadside signs causing ETX controversy

(KLTV) - Perhaps you remember the news story back in April from the Hemphill area of Jeanette Golden, who placed a large sign on her property adjacent to State Highway 21. The sign displayed the Ten Commandments and, again, was on her personal property.

Well, enter government interference as the Texas Department of Transportation contacted Mrs. Golden, telling her to remove the sign because of a violation of the Federal Highway Beautification Act. Now, there are certainly regulations on signs along highways and those regulations apply to advertising messages and political messages but this is about a person's right to express their beliefs.

State Representative Dan Flynn has since weighed in on the story and has contacted TXDOT about standing down on putting pressure on Mrs. Jordan. There is a series of changes that are being proposed that should eliminate this type of state government strong-arming. So, hopefully it will become allowable from the state's perspective for homeowners along our highway system to express themselves.

Critics have claimed that it was because of some facets of the sign and that any sign would be a violation but we need to be able to use some common sense in this case. It is allowed and proper for Texans to express their beliefs through signage in their yards, it is that simple. So, again, TXDOT needs to use their high level reasoning and see that this basic right of expression is smart and makes for a Better East Texas.

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