Better East Texas: As president visits TX, not the time for political posturing

Better East Texas: As president visits TX, not the time for political posturing

(KLTV) - President Obama was in Texas recently for a series of political fund raising events and thankfully has continued to put some focus on the border crisis.

He is asking for more than $3 billion to help address the crisis. This is a significant increase in his ask of congress and the funding, if approved, will go to help strengthen the border, help in processing the refugees and help the struggling countries from which these refugees are coming.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has made the most of the opportunity to gain the spotlight during the presidential visit. Governor Perry has delivered a strong message to the White House and it appears to have been heard.

But while Texas, which under the leadership of Governor Perry has handled the crisis better than other states, is in the spotlight, we don't need Rick Perry muscling the president for TV time. We need him and all the resources of the Texas government, our government, responding to this and coordinating help from the feds.

This is not the time for political posturing as lives are at stake and the Texas economy is at stake as well. This is one of the primary reasons we have a government – to respond to emergencies and this is an emergency.

It does not need to be turned completely into a political football. So, to our leaders in Texas, let's do what we do best, take care of business – use the federal help – and reduce the opportunity that anyone one not belonging here to cross into our state and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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