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Longview Woman Gets Thanksgiving Home

       A Longview woman has a thanksgiving to celebrate, as she gets a new habitat home. For Stacy Adams, Sunday November 21st will be a memory she will hold on to forever. It's the day she became a homeowner. Disabled and with two children, Adams had lived in apartments and duplexes, but never had a real place to call home, until habitat for humanity got involved, and she got to work on her home from the ground up, and truly appreciates where shes come from.

     "Most people they don't know what you've been through or where you've come from so they really can't understand how much a house means to someone" Adams says.

     A religious woman, she got the keys to her new place and the mortgage, and never gave up hope that her god would provide.

  "I kept telling my children that god would make a way and my children said yeah right mom, wheres god if he loves us so much and is good then why doesn't he help us, and i said god made a way and he did it through all of yall" says Adams.

     Many who helped Adams build her dream, got almost as much out of it.

     "It's given a new meaning to thanksgiving , mostly i sit around the table and the family joins me, and we say what we're thankful for and it's all about us, but now I'm thankful that i can help build homes" said volunteer Sky Mitchell.

     It is the 43rd home dedicated by Longview habitat for humanity since 1986. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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