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Inmates remain out of county as 'compromised locks' are repaired

CANTON, TX (KLTV) - Repairs have started at the Van Zandt County Jail to correct dozens of locks that had become compromised.

The security flaw was recognized May 30 when a member of the jail staff saw something abnormal on closed circuit security feeds. The staff member saw an inmate that had gotten out of his cell and was wondering the hallway. Jail officials said one inmate discovered the flaw and they believe it spread through the jail.

The inmates were transferred to three other counties to be housed in other jails while repairs are being made to the Van Zandt County Jail.

Chief Deputy George Flowers said the repairs are being made to the affected locks. He said they expect inmates to remain in the out-of-county facilities through this week.

Flowers said once the repairs are made, the Texas Commission on Jail Standards has to come in and inspect the repairs. He said that could happen as soon as Friday.

The commission said it has been looking to see if the locks could be in any other facilities in Texas or across the country.

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