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Children learn importance, art of writing

Bookmaking and Illustration Camp at the Tyler Museum of Art. (Source: KLTV staff) Bookmaking and Illustration Camp at the Tyler Museum of Art. (Source: KLTV staff)
Everyone seems to have a different idea of what art is and there are some young East Texans who are forming their opinions about the topic as they learn how to do it.

The Tyler Museum of Art is hosting a summer camp in July that they hope will help to develop the right side of the students' brains, and gives the children something to do in the mornings.

Organizers believe you are never too young to write a book, and even throw in your own illustrations. The very first day, the campers have done several exercises, including writing a short story alongside an illustration. They wrote about Tony Stark and Jamie Lee Summers, aka “The Bionic Woman,” and some made up their own characters and scenarios.

“Once upon a time there was a Zeeblig. A Zeeblig is a bird with three eyes and ladybug wings. Well, the Zeeblig walked upon a Leaf-person. A leaf-person is a tiny person made out of leaves,” read third-grader Allison Santana.

“One hot summer day, a group of pigs were sad; their mud had dried up. Oinky the little pig sat in the corner of the pen when suddenly a pig fairy appeared," fourth-grader Maury Spore read.

“They decided to be friends. Well as time went by the Seeblig forgot that Leaf-people do not obey,” Allison continued.

“Oinky, I am your fairy-pig mother, you can have anything you want, and Oinky said I want to fly,” Maury added.

“So she invited all the Leaf-people to her nest, but they destroyed her nest and she never ever trusted Leaf-person again, and that’s the end,” Allison finished her story.

“And suddenly Oinky had wings. So Oinky flew out of the pen to get the water hose to make the mud. They were happy. The end,” concluded Maury.

Though brief the stories had meaningful messages like: with great power comes great responsibility, and don’t invite the Leaf-people to your nest.

Some had a different way of presentation.

“The pear trees at morn, morn, morn when I was born, born, born, I want a pair, pair, pair, in a chair, chair, chair. And now a hare, hare, hare is stealing my pair, pair, pairs,” sang Rachel Ellis.

We may be hearing more of singer-songwriter Rachel Ellis, especially since she can do her own album cover art.

For more information on the camp, you can click here.

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