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Longview Scouts Hold Thanksgiving Food Drive

       East Texas scouts are making their annual drive to help those in need during the holidays. For 20 years, boy scouts and cub scouts in East Texas have done their part to try and help the needy during the holidays.

    "Well I'm glad to help out people who don't have enough food just so they can have a good holiday," says 11 year old scout Logan Wallace.

    Scouts from 4 East Texas counties gathered together for the annual drive called "scouting for food". Last weekend they distributed thousands of bags to residents asking them to donate food. And its a way for scouts to show that they can do more than camp and tie knots.

   "Taking what they have and offering it to others they used their time and energy to go collect it, learn to serve other people instead of serving themselves," says cub master of pack 224 Cheryl Cloyd.

    Last year they collected over 20,000 pounds of food, and this year with the help of the community, they hope to do more.

    "We forget from day to day so just this time of year particularly its good to get out and help those that are in need that are deserving," says Longview resident Jenelle Avarett.

    The food will be taken to Maude Cobb to be distributed to needy families the day before thanksgiving. The scouts collected over 26,900 pounds of food.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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