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As more Americans grow cannabis, four East Texans grow a new business

Smoke Signals Advertising website. (Photo Source: Smoke Signals Advertising website. (Photo Source:
TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Four East Texans are taking advantage of the booming medical marijuana and recreational marijuana industry in the United States...and no, they're not lighting up. As more people grow Cannabis, some local young professionals are growing a new business by putting their skills to work in an industry that's more or less uncharted territory.

The company is called Smoke Signal Advertising. It's a full service digital ad agency founded by Tylerites with a passion for words, art and design.

"We have four team members right now, and we have extensive experience in web and print media. We have a background in journalism, web development, web design, print design. We do all of that," explains Kamren Scott.

Scott says their company specializes in advertising for both medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries, but don't be fooled; there's nothing recreational about their business.

"The advertising laws and regulations are very complex and they're different in every state. It's going to be very difficult for all of these new businesses to get through all of that so that's our expertise," says Scott.

The agency's expertise is knowing who can advertise what and where. While most of their clients will be hundreds of miles away, Smoke Signal Advertising is finding some local work already.

Northeast Texas Norml, a group pushing for the legalization of marijuana, founded a new chapter in Longview this month. Thursday, they hired Smoke Signal Advertising for their website development and design.

"There are a few other advertising companies that are doing this, but the market is so new that there's not many, and they're just starting out like we are," explains Scott.

Scott says those other companies don't have the same wide variety of services to offer. This leaves these young entrepreneurs hoping to make a name for themselves before big ad agencies try to stomp out the competition. Smoke Signal Advertising just launched at the beginning of this month. They say the advertising guidelines for marijuana are very strict and if companies don't know all of the rules, they risk losing their licenses.

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