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Main promoter of Van Zandt pasture party hires lawyer


The main promoter of that pasture party in Van Zandt County that attracted an estimated 5,000 teens has hired a lawyer. Two separate investigations are underway by the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission as well as the Texas Comptroller. Officials said they are focusing that investigation on the party promoters and landowners in the area who might have helped plan that party.

This party was promoted on Twitter, and that’s where all the details were given out and a poster for the event circulated. On that poster, several Twitter accounts were listed as promoters or hosts. Those would be the people posting details like when and where it would happen.

The main host is a teenager. We are not releasing his identity since he has not been charged with anything yet. We went to the young man's house today and spoke to a family member who said the teen has hired a lawyer who advised him not to speak with the media. We reached out to that lawyer and he said at this time he has no comment.

That teen and any other party promoters could face charges for not having proper permits, as well as for underage drinking. The Texas Comptroller is investigating because a $5 fee was charged to attend the party, meaning promoters would owe taxes on that money. KLTV 7 learned that main teen promoter did have a one day sales tax permit for the day of that party, June 14.

Another man, who is not listed on the poster, but owns the land where the party happened, is also being investigated by the Texas Comptroller. Records show the man has an active sales tax permit for RV rental space, but that is all. We reached out to that landowner who said he had no involvement, but is seeking trespassing charges for those partygoers on his property. He has also hired a lawyer.

That teen's family also said the teen had no idea the party would get so out of control. They said he is upset about how far the whole thing has gone.

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