Despite tragedy, Tatum's Devon Boyd wins Blue Grey Super Combine MVP

Despite tragedy, Tatum's Devon Boyd wins Blue Grey Super Combine MVP

Devon Boyd and Jordon Nelson say they are like brothers. It's a sibling rivalry, on the football field or on the track.

"He tries to run around me," said Nelson.  Boyd just laughs.

The Tatum teammates have made the most of their competition. Both were invited to the Blue Grey Super Combine in Arlington, with a chance to earn a spot in the Blue Grey All-American Bowl later this year.

Ready to prove they were among the best in the nation, Devon was hit with a life changing loss.  Devon's father Kerry died from a heart infection just two days before the combine.

"Last time we had spoke was when I had been invited to the Super Combine," said Devon of his father.  "He was telling me this is what we've been working for our whole life. He said no matter what happens to me, I want you to go out there and show them you're the best. I've known you were the best since you were little and I want everyone else to know it. I want you to go out there and show everyone what I already see."

With a heavy heart, Devon refused to miss the combine. Traveling to Arlington with Jordon, Devon was determined to prove his dad right.

The senior to be, put on a show, winning the Blue Grey Super Combine offensive MVP award. Devon credits Jordon, for pushing him, when he needed it most.

"In the groups we were in, he (Jordon) would come up to me and be like 'Hey your dad wants you to do this and you need to perform like this. If you need something, just tell me.'" said Boyd.

"He's (Devon) an outstanding player and close friend," Nelson said.  "I believe he's going to make it."

Devon agrees and believes he's far from finished. With his dad as inspiration, the senior to be, plans to have a big year in Tatum.

"I'm dedicating this whole next season to him," said Boyd.  "This is the season he's been talking about for a long time, when I'd be a senior."

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