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Better East Texas: Hobby Lobby victory important for private business owners

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The recent decision by the Supreme Court to allow businesses to claim a religious exemption to opt out of certain provisions of Obamacare is a big victory for many private business owners. The court’s ruling essentially said it is OK that a business be an extension of its owners. While a business may not have a personality or morals, a business can absolutely be operated as a reflection of the owners’ values.

Hobby Lobby was one of the plaintiffs in this case, and the ruling stated that the business should not be punished for operating in a way that reflects the owners’ principles. Specifically, if Hobby Lobby has a religious-based issue with the mandate to provide certain types of birth control as part of their insurance coverage, they don’t have to provide it.

Now, there may at some point be a business price to pay as the effects of this decision are realized in other cases. And business owners will have to determine in their own way what the impact might be to their business and if it is worth it to them to make a Hobby Lobby-like stand. The opposition to this decision is saying that it might unleash havoc as companies essentially tailor Obamacare for their own interests. It is certainly possible, but we cannot operate on what-if’s or maybes. There are abusers of the law based on loop holes and differing interpretations; that is why we have courts.

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