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Better East Texas: President requests $2 billion to tighten border, aid children

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President Obama is moving to address the stream of illegal immigration that is plaguing our southern border. Many of the immigrants are coming from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Many of them are unaccompanied children who are being smuggled in. No doubt, many are perishing as they try to make the journey from their home country.

Current U.S. law states that we have to have to provide for these children and thus, they are being sent all across the country. So President Obama is asking congress for $2 billion to work to tighten our border and send aid to the countries from which these illegal immigrants are coming. I am usually critical of the President but, given the current circumstances and, more than anything, the inability of congress to act, I am grateful there is some action on this crisis.

We cannot wait for congress to wrangle with some sort of bill, attach some pork to it and then water it down to where there is truly no measurable impact on this humanitarian disaster. So I am grateful for some action on this front with the hope that it will be enough. We have to manage our border, and the influx of these refugees is a disaster in the making for the U.S. So, again, some action is better than no action, and addressing this problem will make for a Better East Texas.

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