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Mother pleads for her son to turn himself in.

Wesley Byron Smyth (Source: Facebook) Wesley Byron Smyth (Source: Facebook)

Longview police have a warrant out for the arrest of the man they believe stole and crashed two cars before carjacking another on Monday night.

Wesley Byron Smyth, 35, is being accused of robbery and violation of probation from a prior arrest.

His mother makes a plea for her son to turn himself in.

“Come in before it gets worse so Brylee will have a daddy,” Toni Norvell said.

“He’s been an alcoholic since he was a kid. He was a working alcoholic and a drug addict. He’s had drug addict issues most of his life but this time things were really different. He’s been doing really well with his counselors. Yesterday, I told him yesterday. We were proud of him,” Norvell said with tears in her eyes.

Smyth has a history of six felonies and one misdemeanor. Police say Smyth stole a lime green truck and smashed into a 75 foot transmission pole near Gilmer Road and Highway 80. He then went back to his family’s car dealership.

His mother said Smyth told a family member, “I’m so upset over it. I’ve smashed dad’s truck. I’ve ruined my life. I’ve ruined my life. I’ve ruined my life.” Norvell said that his girlfriend Tiffany came to the dealership. “I don’t know what happened between the two of them but that’s when he took the Hummer.”

That’s when Bret Rountree saw him next. After a violent ride, the tire flew off the Hummer and landed in a field where 7- and 8-year-olds were practicing baseball.

“A couple of parents went to go get his tire and he was coming around the baseball field over here. We told him we had someone going to go get his tire for him. He just waived at us like he acknowledged that,” Rountree said.

Police say he pulled an elderly woman out of her car by the back of her neck. As assistant coach went to pull the key out of the ignition as Smyth was trying to get away.

"I was right behind the vehicle as it was all going on. He came within inches from getting run over."

The coach suffered a fractured bone in his leg.

Smyth’s mother has a message for her son. “Find the root to this fruit and let God handle it. This is not who you are, and this is not what you were born to do.”

Smyth was last seen driving a 2012 silver Toyota Yaris with TX license plate CSL-8834. If anyone has information on the whereabouts of the suspect or the stolen vehicle, they are asked to contact the Longview Police Department at 903-237-1170 or Gregg County Crimestoppers at 903-236-7867.

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