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11/19/04-Wood County

Grand Jury "No Bills" Officers

A Wood County grand jury has cleared two Mineola police officers of any wrongdoing.

The officers were accused of beating a man earlier this year following an arrest. Jerry Pogue spent 13 days in the hospital due to injuries he says he sustain in that beating.

Based on an investigation by the Texas Rangers, the jury decided there was not enough evidence to prosecute. Mr. Pogue's attorney, Kurt Noell, was critical of that grand jury in a phone interview Friday. He said the fact the case was no billed by a grand jury does not surprise him. He also said in his time as an attorney, no officer in Texas has ever been indicted on a criminal case of this type.

Noell said they still intend to bring civil charges against the two officers and the Mineola Police Department. He says the case could also come before the grand jury again in the future.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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