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12 Children Adopted In Longview Courtroom

National adoption day is being celebrated all across the U-S and in East Texas. From 18 months old to 12 years old, 12 Gregg county children got something they desperately needed and wanted today, a family.

"It's very exciting, a little nervous, we're adopting 3 children today" says Marshall Bennett of Longview.

In adoption ceremonies at Judge Robin Sage's courtroom, 5 families anxiously waited to give their homes, and their love to foster care children that they had already adopted in their hearts. One couple adopting 5 children.

"This is a great day for the children, but there are more kids in need as well so this is a great opportunity to show how rewarding it can be for people to take our children into their homes and into their hearts" says state worker Jackie Hubbard.

"It's wonderful, I'm ready for it, I'm nervous about the responsibility but its a wonderful feeling i love it" said new adoptive mother Susan Wiley.

For the children it was a time of celebration. " I like it, some cakes.... Some balloons it's fun" says 6 year old Andrea who was adopted today.

For the new parents, some who had fostered the children for many months, it was a time when the waiting was finally over.

"After a long journey through the system its an opportunity to for them to know they're going to stay with those families forever" says Hubbard.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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