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Lasers Used To Help You Stop Smoking

Susan Dotson had an obsession with cigarettes.

"I have found myself getting in my car and driving to bus stops and restaurants and finding cigarettes butts to smoke when I didn't have any money," she explains.

Her 43-year habit has left her with emphysema and unable to breathe on her own. She's tried everything to quit.

"I've tried the patches. I've tried the gum. You name it I've tried it," says Susan.

But nothing worked until now. Susan is telling everyone she quit smoking, thanks to the Anne Penman Laser Therapy Center.

"I've just been stunned because I haven't found myself wanting to reach for a cigarette," she says.

"It's a crutch," says Ken Branton who also smokes. Ken hopes this innovative laser treatment will help him the same way it helped Susan. Here's how it works. A low level laser is placed on 27 pressure points on you ears, nose, wrist, hand and forehead. It works much like acupuncture.

"The laser delivers a photo chemical effect to the body and that's transferred to the brain and it produces endorphins which is associated with the relief of stress and pain," explains George Abbott of the Anne Penman Center.

Clients say the endorphin feeling that mimics a nicotine rush lasts for days. As a result, you don't crave cigarettes and you don't suffer withdrawals. The center claims 70 % of clients see success.

"I feel free," says Susan.

For more information, call the Anne Penman Center at 972-818-7848.

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