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Ten Commandments Stop In Tyler

A historic symbol drew a crowd in Tyler today. The Ten Commandments monument was removed from a courthouse in Alabama by a federal judge's orders.

People were invited to view the monument at Woodland Hills Baptist Church. For several months, it was put away, but now, a group of veterans are taking it all over the nation.

Those veterans say the commandments formed our country's morality and gave them motivation as they fought to keep it free.

"As a young 19 year old, I said I'm proud to represent a Christian nation where consider my life valuable. I felt more proud, I felt more patriotic, I felt more willing to do what my country asked of me," said Jim Cabaniss, President of the American Veterans for Domestic Defense

So far, the monument has made 76 stops across the nation. Next, it's visiting Nacogdoches.

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