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Mother speaks out about son attending giant pasture party

Teen injured at pasture party. (Source: Twitter) Teen injured at pasture party. (Source: Twitter)
Mother concerned about teens at pasture parties. (Source: KLTV staff) Mother concerned about teens at pasture parties. (Source: KLTV staff)

One East Texas mother is hoping to get a message out to other parents before a child ends up dead.

An East Texas pasture party was promoted on Twitter using the hashtag #PB3. That was the name of the party. Officials said 3,000-5,000 teens showed up and paid $5.00 each to attend.

No bathrooms, no security, and no proper permits were issued for the event prompting an investigation by the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Committee and the Texas Comptroller. Officials said many of the party-goers were expecting a controlled concert to see the rapper Young Nation perform. They didn’t expect the chaotic scene that unfolded.

Dianna Bobbitt said her 18-year-old son was excited about going to that “concert,” but the phone call she got from him at 2:00 a.m. has her on high alert. “He said somebody threw a beer bottle at this girl and it hit her in the head and bounced off and popped him in the lip and his lip started just gushing blood,” Bobbitt said.

Her son Cody, seen in a picture he posted on Twitter after the incident with blood on his face, will have to have a tooth pulled as a result of that beer bottle. He had told his mother he would be attending a concert. “They were all under the impression it was a Young Nation concert,” she explained.

But when they arrived, the scene was not what they expected. “He told me, he said I won’t go to another one. We were told it was a concert and we get there and it’s out there in the middle of a pasture in the middle of nowhere, apparently. He said it was so packed you couldn’t move. He said there was people from Oklahoma and Dallas coming. I mean that’s crazy,” she said.

Just before that phone call to his mother, his friend posted on Twitter, “heard too many shots. We out!” Officials said two reports of gunshots came in that night.

“You know, your son could have been shot, he could have been dead. I mean that’s just, I think about that, and I’m grateful," she said. None of it was what Diana Bobbitt had agreed to, either. She added,“I’m thinking how can parents not realize what their kids are actually not telling them?”

Officials said the poster promoting the event on Twitter was misleading. After watching our original report, Bobbitt learned even more about PB3.

“I even asked Cody, I said Cody you told me this was in Tyler. He said I thought it was in Tyler,” she explained.

It was in Ben Wheeler, a location that was revealed on Twitter the day of to avoid law enforcement catching on. Now, Bobbitt said she has created a Twitter account and is monitoring her son closely, hoping other parents will do the same.

“I really hope they’re monitoring it because this is crazy. I don’t want to see any other mothers or fathers have to go through taking a chance of losing their kids to something crazy like this,” she said.

Now that she knows she said her son will not be attending anymore PB parties.

Bobbitt also said she hopes to see those involved in planning the event face punishment. The party promoters and anyone involved in planning that party could face serious legal penalties for not providing adequate facilities and tax laws since they charged a fee. Law enforcement officials said they are also monitoring Twitter and social media to prepare for PB4, which could be happening as early as this Fourth of July weekend.

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