Better East Texas: Hillary Clinton and the American struggle

Better East Texas: Hillary Clinton and the American struggle

I commented recently on the power of the Clinton election machine, and how it appears very obviously that Hillary Clinton is working as a candidate for President. The Clinton election machine is powerful even now more than 24 months before the election.

But candidate Hillary Clinton still needs some work, and judging by recent comments, she has already shown that she is just like a lot of candidates on the national stage – out of touch.

Mrs. Clinton made the comment that when she and President Clinton left the White House that they were broke and in debt, which may have been true, but they quickly bounced back. It would take only a speech or two from President Clinton to get their personal balance sheet back in the black. But where Mrs. Clinton erred is that she made it seem like she and her husband were like every other American that struggles financially. 

That is really insulting to us all. It is one thing to say she understands Americans struggles, but to say she is in the same boat with the millions of Americans that struggle for years – even decades is not inspiring.

She also came across as condescending when she said she and her husband “pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off”. By every measure I can find, the Clinton's are truly well off.

We need candidates that can relate with Americans and ones that don’t talk down and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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