Huge pasture party scares officials

Local officials say they're investigating what's being called the biggest 'pasture party' on record.  There are reports of thousands of teenagers paying to enter what authorities say is, essentially, a big open-air rave, complete with drinking and other illegal activity. Summer Dashe has the details of how social media promotion has turned a once small-time pastime into a major, and potentially dangerous venture.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is the man who can tell you what to expect from the weather where you live.  He's in the Storm Tracker 7  Weather Center working on your brand new forecast.  Watch at 10 for the details that will let you know if you need an umbrella for tomorrow or if you'll be dealing with steadily climbing temperatures and clear skies.

And, just in time for the weekend, we have a new Restaurant Report for you.  We'll let you know what health inspectors found during their latest rounds.  It may be information that could help you nail down your weekend plans.