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Fans all over Nacogdoches cheer for Dempsey

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

The United States Men's Soccer team has the country believing they can win and it is partly due to the leadership of Nacogdoches native Clint Dempsey.

Dempsey has people all over the states believing in the American's chances and no one believes in them more than his hometown fans.

Fans at watch parties held at Banita Creek Hall and the Flashback Café were hoping for a win, even though a Ghana loss to Portugal put the men through to the round of 16. Either way, fans at the parties said they were just happy to see Dempsey shine on the world stage.

"Soccer is the biggest sport in the world and for Clint Dempsey to be from Nacogdoches and play on the world stage says a lot about our small town and what people here can do," Thomas Moseer said.

The Banita Creek watch party was organized by SFA women's soccer coach Wally Crittenden as a way to increase involvement in the youth soccer teams of Nacogdoches. Crittenden hoped the U.S. captain would be seen as a motivator.

"He's so special because he can score in games and he can attack well and he can shoot," Evan Kwitkowski said.

At the Flashback Café, fans in attendance know Dempsey carries their town on his shoulders.

"He's given a lot back to the community with the Clint Dempsey fields, so it is good to bring our support here locally and watch him on the world stage," Caleb Stacy said.

"He was already setting an example as he was in school here and his college career," Cindy Ivy said. "To see him go further brings so much pride to Nacogdoches and hope to our future students and participants in our soccer programs."

Despite the loss to Germany, Dempsey is still a hero.

"This world cup is going to end with USA getting a lot of attention because they played good and they're really going to become more popular," Kwitkowski said.

"I'm happy for the USA even though they lost," J.T. Hebert said.

Both the Flashback Café and Banita Creek Hall plan on having watch parties as long as the men's soccer team keeps advancing.

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