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New BOOMS for your Independence Day

A few of the new fireworks now available. (Source: KLTV staff) A few of the new fireworks now available. (Source: KLTV staff)

It’s nearly that time of the summer when many of us get the day off so we can watch things blow up in celebration of our country’s independence.

We decided to take advantage of open fireworks stands and see what’s new and hot in fireworks (of course, they’re all hot, really).

“Crazy” Ray Simmons has been setting up his fireworks stand at Highway 271 and Highway 155 north in Tyler for several years, but this year he has a new partner: a giant blue gorilla.

And yes, he does have new product.

“We’ve got the Circus Peanuts, we have the Cracker Barrel,” Simmons said.

Crazy Ray says the Cracker Barrel goes for several minutes.

“I guess this is literally blowing your money,” I commented.

“It is when you say, 'I’m going to blow my money.' But at least you get something out of it." Simmons said.

Highway 271 and the loop cutoff is where Fantastic Fireworks resides. Kyle Stone has some new items, too.

“What we got new is The Reaper. It’s a good fountain show, and we got Loud and Proud; it shoots off high and it gets loud,” Stone revealed.

Just inside the loop on Highway 271 is Jacky’s Fireworks, where Stephen Hindman shows us:

“Wake the Neighbors. It definitely will wake them up. Also Troubled Waters put off a very good show, and also our Galore here will put on a good show for you,” Hindman explained.

Of the fireworks I sampled today, the Cracker Barrel is definitely the most bang for your buck.

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