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Longview unveils new trash collection system

Under the new system, trash will be picked up once a week. (Source: KLTV staff) Under the new system, trash will be picked up once a week. (Source: KLTV staff)

An East Texas city is upgrading its technology to provide better trash collection service.

The City of Longview sanitation division will begin rolling out a new simplified collection program this summer, which features same-day, once-a-week automated collection of trash and recycling, but it doesn't come without some serious questions among customers.

Currently Longview customers get their trash picked up twice a week by the city.

But starting this summer, it will be one day a week, using new state-of-the-art trucks.

"We've purchased eight of them as part of the simplified collection program. Currently our staff has to go to that curb and manhandle all that trash into that truck. This robotic arm is going to save wear and tear on our employees, and it's much more efficient," says City of Longview sanitation and fleet service manager Dwayne Archer.

All the new trucks have robotic arms and running on compressed natural gas, will empty the garbage containers.

But not everyone is sold on it.

"I'm a little concerned that by coming once a week rather than twice a week they're going to find that even a large trash can is not enough to contain all the trash. Especially on those weeks that fall on a city holiday or something like that," says Longview homeowner Jason McGregor.

The city says the new system will be more efficient and save money over the long term. Customers worry that with only one trash pickup per week, their trash will seriously begin to stack up. Customers will also still pay the same for one pickup.

"But what's going to happen when they come to a house that’s got so much piled up that its not going to fit in the trash can, what are they going to do then?" McGregor asked.

The city will provide 95-gallon trash carts and recycle carts to customers.

"Two trucks will be out there, one’s going to pick up the garbage and ones going to pick up the recycling cart," Archer says.

The city says other expected benefits include fewer problems with animals and other pests, since the carts will have tightly-fitting lids.

The city will deliver the new trash cans on July 7th and the new collection system will begin on August 18th.

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