Cost of parking in downtown Tyler to double

Cost of parking in downtown Tyler to double

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In a Wednesday meeting the city council voted to increase the hourly parking at some meters from $0.25/hour to $0.50/hour.

The city says the price increase would impact "core downtown meters." This includes meters around the courthouse/downtown square, one block east and west and two blocks south. This would impact about 170 of the 330 downtown meters.

The city is also adding Good Friday to the list of holidays in which meter parking is free.

Parking costs in the downtown Fair Plaza parking garage will be $1/hour with a maximum of $5/day. An attendant will be employed at the garage. Monthly parking rates at the garage will be $75/month.

02:49 The city is also considering improvements to the meters that would allow people to pay with a credit or debt card. Revenue from the parking per hour increase would cover the cost of making these improvements to the meters.

Council member Sam Mezayek also suggested the city consider extending the "pay to park" ordinance past 5 p.m.

Downtown Tyler parking rates have not been raised in 30 years.

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