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Students Scared Speechless At Truancy Court

Some kids caught for skipping school got a good scare today in a Tyler courtroom.

More than 60 students from area schools went before Smith County Judge Quincy Beavers for truancy hearings. Three hundred other students were invited to witness the hearings and hear the punishments the truant students would get, if they don't start going to school.

Judge Beavers also brought in local law enforcement officials to scare some sense into the truant students.

"You may not pass that test every week," Garrett Floyd, special agent with the FBI, said. "But if you can pass it once, you can pass it twice. And if you can pass it twice, you can pass it three times. And before you know it, you're finishing high school."

Judge Beavers assessed fines up to $60,000. But students could get out of paying by following certain conditions, like going back to school and getting their GED.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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