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Non-Surgical Face-Lift Available in Tyler

How did Robin Boyd turn back the hands of time? With a non-surgical facelift. The procedure has been around for a few years, but just arrived in Tyler.

Devin Hitt, a licensed esthetician, performs the non-surgical facelifts at her spa, Dermedics. Devin uses tiny probes to tighten the muscles in Robin's face. It's almost like a facial workout.

"You use two different end probes and they are attracted to each other and you go to the origin of the muscle and do different techniques either to lengthen or tighten the muscle," says Devin Hitt.

Robin says it's painless, but she can feel what's being done to her.

"You'll feel a tiny electrical current under your skin and it kind of makes your skin jump," says Robin Boyd.

The procedure also plumps up and hydrates your skin, making fine lines disappear all over your face.

"Overall, the appearance of the skin total effect is better than working on one like with Botox or Restalyn," says Hitt.

Once all the treatments are done, Robin is amazed with the results.

"I feel my skin is firmer, plumper and not as shallow looking around the eyes. I think it gives me a youthful appearance," says Robin.

And that's the look she was hoping for.

For more information call Dermedics at 903.581.6505, or check them out at:

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