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Flood Rescue

Heavy rains sweeping over central Texas for a couple of days brought severe flooding to areas like Austin.

Rescuers had to race from one high water rescue to another. One of the most dramatic was caught on home video Tuesday night.

Around 1:30 in the morning, a car was carried away by water overflowing from Bull Creek. Mickey McInnis had stopped to find barricades to put over the road when he caught the daring rescue on tape.

Firefighters pulled the woman to safety just in time as the car was completely engulfed by the raging flood waters.

Rescue workers placed two guys downstream to catch the woman in case she got swept into the river. To get the woman out of the water, they used an aerial ladder on top of a fire truck to reach out into the creek, then two guys went out on the ladder and pulled her from the car and rushing water.

The woman was sent to the hospital, but is doing fine.

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